Why Knight?

KNIGHT TRADING AGENCY CO. LTD established in 1991, is an Import/Export corporation registered with the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry, specialized in the outsourcing and distribution of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), Industrial Footwear, Traffic Management Items, Uniforms and Accessories and Marine Products.

Innovative Minds
We endeavour to supply the local market and Indian Ocean region with quality safety products, therefore, our experienced and multidisciplinary team strives in outsource of  latest technologies and products available worldwide to meet and exceed your business requirements.

Product Knowledge
At KNIGHT, we have over 35years combined experience in the Footwear industry as well as extensive product knowledge in all items we supply having been accustomed to their development with evolving customer requirements. Therefore, we are providing you with quality products along with informative customer service to raise your awareness on what we supply and for your own safety.

One-Stop Shop
We are seen by our industry partners as a one-stop shop for head to toe protection in industrial areas and we are also keen in supporting our industry partners and potential customers to find specific products as per their requests.

Best Value
KNIGHT, has a reputation of offering quality products at competitive prices enabling people of all classes to protect themselves and their family.

Product Availability
We stock large quantities of our items offered in our product range to provide our customers with immediate deliveries and minimal delivery lead-times, as we well know that urgency is a critical factor when it comes to dealing with hazards.

St. Vincent de Paul Avenue, Pailles, Mauritius
tel (+230) 286 5292 fax (+230) 286 5297