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Protective Equipment

  • Head Protection

    Protective Headgear (i.e. Safety Helmets or Hard Caps) are recommended on industrial sites as they protect the skull by reducing force of impact, caused by falling objects or eventual fall whilst working at heights.

    It is therefore a vital component of protective equipment to be worn at all times on site or hazardous work environments.

    We, KNIGHT, are part of the JSP UK corporation, which is the worldwide leader in Safety Helmets having been established since 1964.

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  • Eye & Face Protection

    Protecting the eyes and face from hazards is extremely important considering all of the organs and soft tissue in the area.

    For example, a projectile to the eye not only damages the eye, but potentially the ligaments and muscles that move it, and in some cases the brain.

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  • Hearing Protection

    The ear is a very delicate part of the body and some of the damage that noise can cause is often nonrecoverable. However, the particular issue with hearing loss is that same is cumulative over a period of years, many individuals will not realise that their hearing is being affected. 

    To try and reduce the problems from work related hearing loss, the European Physical Agents (Noise) Directive 2003/10/EC came into force in 2006. In simple terms, the Directive requires that noise has to be eliminated and that if this is not possible hearing protection should be available at 80dB, and must be worn at 85dB.

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  • Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory injuries are not readily apparent in the workplace unlike head or foot injuries. In some cases it may not be until after workers retire that symptons and diagnosis happens. It is therefore very important that all staff that are, or may be, at risk have access to Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) that not only meets an appropriate European standard, but also fits the user. 

    It is also vital for Health and Safety Officers to be aware of the prevailing toxic substances in their work environment so as to select the appropriate respiratory filters/cartridges for their personnel.

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  • Hand Protection

    Hands are what allow us to carry out all our tasks and therefore, it is vital for us to offer it the protection it deserves. Gloves are the protection commonly used for hand protection and come in various types and models depending on the context of work.

    The most important characteristics for gloves are its resistance to abrasion so as to protect the hands from friction during handling.

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  • Body PPE

    KNIGHT focuses on quality fabrics, designs and standards when it comes to workwear and supply of hi-visibility clothing to complement this requirement. 

    Molten metal, chemical splashes or minor workplace incidents do not choose their victims, therefore, it is vital that work clothing is worn and adequate to the context of work and environment. Work overalls should not only be conform to respective standards but should also make the end-user visible to reduce fatality.


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  • Gas Detection

  • Spill Management

  • First-Aid Kits

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